Monday, January 28, 2013


Yep, that's what the local paper says. Are you wondering why?

Seems it gives the shrimpers something to do when the shrimp season is over. The pay isn't too bad and it's easier than shrimping.

So who buys these netted jellyfish?

Asians! Evidently, they're crazy about them.

How do they get from here to Asia?

The jellyfish are dehydrated at some East Coast dehydrating factories (ever heard of a jellyfish dehydrating plant?) and sent overseas. There, they're rehydrated and used as...Wait for it...

Salad toppings! Ah, can't you just imagine eyeballing your salad and having it gently wave back at you.

Georgia jellyfish are much sought after because they're evidently humongus little boogers that the Asians prefer. These are cannonball jellyfish we're talking about. I've been down at the pier before and watched scores of the beautiful iridescent creatures wash under one side and go out the other with the tide.

So now there's a use for them. Good deal (though you won't catch me trying one). Season starts February 1. (Yes, there is an official jellyfish season.) Can't wait to see those shrimp boats out netting jellyfish.

What great things we learn from the local newspaper!


  1. I've heard jellyfish are nasty little buggers!

    1. Yeah, but evidently the cannonball ones aren't the dangerous kind. I still don't imagine putting one on my salad!

  2. Since I'm not one for seafood... I'll have to pass!

    1. I'll pass on these, too! But then I don't eat sushi either.


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