Sunday, September 30, 2012


As instructed, I did my update to Apple's ios6 yesterday morning. Then I spent all afternoon trying to get my Dragonvale back. It lost my Game Center nickname -- heaven knows where that's at -- and wanted me to start a new Dragonvale game with a new nickname. So I'm to forget about all my hard-earned dragoncash and gems?????

Then I went into FaceBook to talk about my earring giveaway beginning tomorrow. Guess what? Not only can I not hit the 'like' or 'share' or 'comment' buttons on my friends' walls, but I can't even comment on mine! And getting in touch with FaceBook... Forget it. For my problem, they said to contact them. But they did not give me an email address or a telephone number to use. Oh, no. Nothing that simple for FB. They had me type in a message and hit SEND. Naturally, since nothing else I click on works, the SEND button didn't work either.

That was yesterday. Today, I went to Google and found a FB support page with a telephone number. I called. The person was foreign and we barely understood each other. We got cut off. I called back. Got a lady who also had an accent. I explained I was working with someone. She asked if I'd already paid the charge. I said "Whoa!" The other guy called back after I hung up on her. So I said again, I wasn't paying to get FB help. He thanked me and hung up.

So I went to my guy's FB page and sent them a message. Just now they answered with a canned response saying basically that they read all their bug reports but seldom answer them.

So I guess either I wait to see if it gets cleared up or I forget about FaceBook.

I try to be laid back but really....


  1. Okay, I'm starting to worry about you with respect to the games. FaceBook is a freebee, which means it can be snatched back at any moment, so we dare'nt get too involved with it.
    Sort of like taxes and chocolate--get the people addicted then charge them for it.
    There was life before facebook. I'll come hold your hand when it goes back to whence it came.

  2. Turns out it isn't FaceBook. It's Google's Chrome. I can get into FB just fine from Microsoft's Explorer. I gravitated to Chrome because Explorer wouldn't let me send some forms through email. Now Chrome won't let me into FB.

    I hate computers!

  3. I've had glitches with facebook the last few days.

    1. Hmmm. Right now I'm irritated with Microsoft, Google, Apple, and since someone else is having problems with FB, maybe them, too!!!


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