Monday, September 17, 2012


Ships always fascinate me. On our walk to the Village this morning, we saw one of Wallenius Wilhelmsen's ships coming in.

Here it's parallel to the pier. A little farther away than usual but still impressive.

Here it has passed the pier and is making the turn toward Jekyll. Notice the vehicle unloading ramp on the back. I've read some car carriers can hold between 5000-8000 cars!

And here it's going by the Jekyll pier. Looks like it's going to run into it, doesn't it?

We live close enough to hear their horns at night. It's a lovely feeling to wake up in the night and hear one of their too-o-o-ts in the distance.


  1. We don't get the sort of freight traffic coming up our rivers that I occasionally used to see out on Lake Ontario. Thanks for posting!

    1. I love to watch the ships coming and going. Evidently, our port traffic has picked up in the last few years since a bigger bridge was built to allow bigger ships come under.


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