Thursday, September 20, 2012


As I've said before, I love our local newspaper. Especially their Crime Scene column. It's has all kinds of interesting police reports. Mostly about people hitting somebody, like an ex-boyfriend/girlfriend scuffle. Sometimes a new boyfriend/girlfriend scuffles with the ex. Sometimes a person walks up to a stranger and hits him/her for no reason.

Yesterday, the main headline said: WOMAN SAYS VODKA BOTTLE TAKEN.

How about that? Does that grab your attention? It did mine. Reading on, I discovered the woman came home to discover the bottle missing. (And here I must wonder if she discovered it missing by immediately going to the liquor cabinet or whether she had it prominently displayed for people to admire when they first came in the door.)

Strangely, her car had been moved though it was still in the driveway. (Aha! Maybe the thief had to move it to get into the house? Maybe s/he started to steal the car and decided to pick up some refreshments while there? Maybe s/he started to drive off and realized, after imbibing, that s/he wasn't sober enough to drive? Oh, so much conjecture, so few facts!)

Nothing else was gone. (Guess the thief was addicted to vodka.)

The vodka bottle was valued at eighty dollars.

Wow. Must have been some upscale brand. Or maybe it was a really big, BIG bottle.

I do love this column!


  1. Somebody likes their vodka.

    It's bizarre what you find in a newspaper at the most unexpected times, isn't it?

    On the weekend, I was reading one of the papers I pick up during the day, and one of the life features I read was right beside the classified ads. For some reason my eyes fell on two items posted by the same person, a bizarre rant by someone accusing the provincial Premier of muzzling another newspaper from publishing his letter to the editor.

  2. At least he had another newspaper to rant about the muzzling in!


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