Friday, June 22, 2012


We just finished up Brunswick stew and barbecue from Southern Soul. For those who have no clue, Southern Soul is THE barbecue place on our island. It was even featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives (The Food Network).

As you might guess, it is a dive.

The original was in a former gas station. When it burned, the owner rebuilt on the same spot, a tiny lot on the roundabout with barely enough parking for 5-6 cars. Now it looks like -- a former gas station. Picnic tables line where the gas pumps used to be with barely room inside for a counter and a couple more tables.

Everyday when we go by, we smell the outside cooker cooking away. Ummm. We try not to succumb too often but this week, it got to be too much. Coming home Wednesday, I took a daring detour off the roundabout to get to it (it's very inconvenient to get in and out of), bought my pork barbecue and stew, and went out the back way.

Hard not to tear into it right in the car but I restrained myself. So now it's gone for another few months.

And the pound I lost last week is back.


  1. There's a place up here on the way up from southern Ontario that's famous as a "pull you right in and make you stop" sort of place. It's a burger joint that's so well frequented that they built a pedestrian bridge over the highway so that people on the southbound side can get over to the place without having to turn around.

    1. I'll have to keep it in mind if I get up your way. I love hamburger joints! Heck, I love any kind of seedy little joint!


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