Saturday, June 23, 2012


After being away nearly two years, we drove a half hour to a favorite restaurant on Jekyll Island. Sea Jay's. To our horror, its dirt road had been paved. And marked. But the shrimp salad sandwich was good as ever.

Sea Jay is at the marina by the water where people eat outside and watch the animals. Usually squirrels and birds are the beggars. Yesterday we had raccoons. One came right up under the porch where we were eating. After licking out what looked like a tartar sauce/cocktail sauce/salad dressing container someone (likely the wind) had thrown on the ground, the first went up a tree just as a second one arrived. The tree was right beside the porch. Maybe you can see their friendly little faces from the phone pix.

Raccoon is kind of in the center to the right.

Raccoon is beside the tree on the right.


  1. I can just see him in the first one.

    I remember looking out the kitchen window one evening while at my parent's home, and there, four feet away from me, was a raccoon, hanging onto a beam with one front paw and his back paws, while reaching for the hummingbird feeder with the other front paw, tipping all of the sweet water out at an angle, just so he could go on down and lick up the sweet stuff off the walkway below.

    1. They look so cute clutching things in their little paws! Not that I'd tell my cats that, naturally. They think they own 'cute'!


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