Thursday, June 2, 2011


Just finished MURDER IS A FAMILY BUSINESS by Heather Haven, published by MuseItUp.

Lee Alvarez is a PI for her family firm, an investigative agency that normally handles computer type crimes. They take on a possibly wandering husband because the wife being cheated on is Lee's mother's friend. While Lee's tailing him, he's shot and murdered. Out of curiosity or instinct or something, she goes back to check on him and finds him dead. She's a suspect but not for long. But he was killed while she was surveilling him and she can't get him off her conscience.

In the process of picking up and adopting a stray kitten, dealing with her fashion-plate mother, and talking her computer-geek brother into helping her solve the crime, she finally figures out whodunnit. Readers might have figured the killer out long before the end, but the ride is so much fun, it doesn't matter.

Good book.


  1. Excellent review. I read the book, too, and enjoyed it, esp. San Francisco local.

  2. Yeah, forgot to mention how much the background adds.


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