Saturday, June 25, 2011


This is the first book from a former critique partner, MELODY SCOTT.

'Real estate agent Maria Sebastian and another agent are walking property in north Georgia when the other agent falls into a deserted mind shaft. Inside is a skeleton. And he's dressed in a jacket suspiciously like Maria's ex-husband owned. But her ex is in California. Right?

The book opens with the body and takes us cross country as Maria and her hottie boy friend try to make sure the corpse wasn't her husband. Instead, they find a little boy with a murdered mother who was married to Maria's ex.

Now she must deal with a terrible real estate market, a dishonest partner, and suspicions her boy friend isn't telling her everything. And to top it off, she's about to lose the big real estate deal where the abandoned mine lies. And maybe her life.

Nice cozy. Keeps you entertained till the wrap-up! Way to go, Melody!

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