Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Just finished The Dogs of Rome, a  suspense/mystery by Conor Fitzgerald. Really enjoyed it.

The protagonist is an American who's been in Italy since he was a teenager. His parents were killed there, and the police were kind to him so now, at thirty-eight, he's a police commissioner himself in Rome.

The story deals with a political murder -- the dead man was an animal rights activist and the husband of an important politician -- that turns out not to be so political after all. But the higher ups want it solved and press Blume to go after the most likely suspect, a dog ring manager.

Blume is likeable and not on the take. He can't decide what to do when a friend and fellow policeman who specializes in getting information off the streets, gets too involved with his criminal informants. He's convinced he knows who the murderer is but is frustrated in his attempts to bring him to justice. Along the way, another policeman gets killed and Blume ends up with a broken arm and concussion. Still, he drags himself around to wrap up the case.

Nice guy with faults. One I can root for.

This is a very good read.

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