Thursday, June 30, 2011


If you're Baptist and offend easily, you may skip this blog.

We were riding home from Athens the other day, an hour and a half drive, when we came to a perfectly rural area with pastures, woods, trees and no houses. As we neared it, we did see a building, a newish store on a little rise kind of hidden back from the road. I realized it was a package store out in the middle of nowhere and said as much to my guy.

He said, "Yes, it's a Baptist package store."

Kind of a strange name so I looked to make sure that's what the sign said. All it said was Package Store.

"How do you know it's Baptist Package Store?"

"Because only Baptists need to buy their booze from places where no one can see them."

Took me a moment, but then I laughed with him, lapsed Baptist though I might be.

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