Saturday, May 8, 2010

On Heroes in Books Written by Males

I finished a thriller by Harlan Coben last night but it revived a question I've pondered before.

I do not understand how middle-aged, out-of-shape heroes always manage to get younger, gorgeous women to fall for them.

Is it because middle-aged, out-of-shape male authors are writing the books?


  1. As a middle aged women, I loved your comment on Coben's book!
    Nan D Arnold

  2. "Beauty and the Beast" was probably one of the first stories of this kind that we still know about. I always wondered why you never heard about an ugly girl getting the hottie.

    I was thrilled when the movie "Penelope" came out, because the genders were reversed.

  3. I forgot about Beauty and the Beast. Maybe that helped us accept these paunchy heroes.


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