Saturday, August 5, 2017


We've been in the house for two days now, but still have lots of work to do. We're camping in the guest bedroom since renovation is due to start in two weeks for the main bedroom and bath. Somehow we found time to go to another aerial exhibition because a young relative was one of the performers. Her ambition is to join the Cirque du Soleil, but if that doesn't work out, she thinks her education should prepare her to be a physical therapist. Sounds like a sensible plan to me!

The entire show was based on a children's book, Juniper Gets Wet, by local author and artist. A little girl dams up a gully on a rainy day and makes a big ocean that she sails away on.

The man who did the illustrations read a scene, and then the aerialists performed to songs chosen for their references to water. Not sure, but I think this was the first scene: "It Had Been Raining For Weeks." The music was "Into the Unknown."

If I remember correctly, this picture represents Juniper's brothers and sisters who are tired of the rain. The scene is titled "The Books Had All Been Read" and it's performed to "I Can't Stand the Rain."

I think--and I'm not sure about this--this scene was when Juniper is washed away in the flood: "When Water Was All She Could See" and music was "Orinoco Flow"

Juniper comes to a stop in the scene "She Trekked Through a Lush Jungle" as we listen to "Welcome to the Jungle" and the aerialist performs with the ring.

After different scenes where Juniper meets a Princess (with a fun rendition of "Dancing Queen") and goes through a Room of Wonders, she keeps having adventures. This pole reached all the way to the ceiling and this shot was taken when the performer was about halfway up. The scene is "Sailed Through the Night" and music was "Chasing the Beat of My Heart."

This was one of my favorites: "Prepare the Submarine" with, naturally, "Yellow Submarine" along with "Deep Blue Sea" for the music. The two metal structures moved back and forth, depending on the performers' powering them.

So we did manage a fun outing despite being in the midst of our move. We needed a break. Very enjoyable!


  1. Fun shots! I've seen this done here- in fact, there's a busker festival this weekend that includes aerialists.


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