Saturday, August 26, 2017


The master bath is being remodeled and our contractor keeps shooing us off. "Gonna be loud," he warns before he starts to take out the tub. We hang around, wanting to see what he's doing. "Might wanna go out for a few hours," he hints. We gawk as he and his helper lug in tools. Finally, he says, "Maybe I should have got you movie tickets."

That sent us scurrying. No place to go so we decided on the botanical gardens. Here are my phone shots of some of the flowers in bloom there. Don't ask me what they are; I'm not a gardener.

I thought this was a tomato plant but closer inspection tells me no. Maybe some kind of pepper?

I love this arbor view. You can't see them very well, but there are three peaked arches going up the hill.

And of course my guy had his camera. Here he's chasing an elusive butterfly.

His pix turned out better than mine, but all in all, an enjoyable morning. Sad to go back to my neglected yard, though. Makes me want to hire a gardener.


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