Saturday, October 1, 2016


Our pier does not allow docking for any boats other than authorized ones (Coast Guard, DNR, pilot boats, etc.) So the shrimp boat that tied up last Saturday was not supposed to be there. Evidently, the owner was trying to sell some fresh caught shrimp to bystanders.

I don't know if he sold any shrimp or not, but he did have a problem with his boat. The High Tide hit the pier, knocked over a couple of lamp posts and destroyed part of the railing. The pier has been roped off to foot traffic. Here's the view as we walk out on the pier.

And here's the view when you get out to the end. There were two more lampposts between the one you can see and the end on the left; both now gone, alas! You can also see my shadow as I take a photo over the yellow tape barring us from going any farther.

The owner was taken to the detention center. I feel kind of sorry for him -- all he tried to do was sell some shrimp before hitting the pier with his boom -- but on the other hand, we'll be the ones footing the bill for repairs.

Too much excitement, I say! Hope there won't be any more unauthorized boats trying to dock there!


  1. I wonder how many shrimp were lost in the crash?

    1. Too many! My stomach will miss them, too!

  2. Goodness, too much excitement where you live ! ! !
    Hope his boat is OK ? so he can pay the bill ? but I do feel sorry for him.
    Bigger No Parking signs ?

    cheers, parsnip

    1. I'm sure he'll think twice about where he tries to tie up from now on!


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