Saturday, September 24, 2016


Our local newspaper has gone over to the dark side: it is now published in tabloid form and size. AND, it no longer skips Sunday publication. Yes, we now have a Sunday paper delivered to our door!

Unfortunately, the Monday paper has been taken away. Yep. Vanished. Whisked away. Kaput.

"They" say it was because more customers wanted a Sunday paper than a Monday paper. I say, who did they ask?

But I won't complain. At least we still get a paper six days a week. With pretty entertaining stuff in it, too. Can't beat that!

A quick rundown on our local crime scene:

Police had to use tear gas to flush out a man screaming he wasn't going back to prison. Now he's in the local jail. But not in prison! Yet.

A woman involved in a bar fight hit the investigating policeman and got arrested. I would hope so!

A dog running loose threatened neighbors so police cited the owner. Should have sicced his dog on him!

A domestic dispute ended with the man running off but police located him, surrounded the residence he was hiding in, and arrested him for outstanding warrants. So he's done it before, eh?

And finally a man hit another man in the head with a stick. Unhappy with the outcome, he then grabbed a chair and hit the man again. Good thing there wasn't a sofa handy! The victim went to the emergency room and police tracked down the perpetrator and arrested him.

Ah, just another day in the lives of our underpaid law enforcement people.


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