Saturday, September 17, 2016


Fort King George, Georgia's oldest English fort, had some of its reenactors, or living history performers, last weekend. I love going to these exhibitions! Not only do we learn about how our ancestors lived, but we can watch displays of things like musket drills and spinning.

Here's a photo of the officers quarters from the open area inside the fort:

This is a spinner, showing how they spun wool back then. Those settlers must have been miserable, wearing wool in our tropical heat!

Here are the cannon lined up waiting for the Spanish to come. They overlook what in 1721 was the main branch of the river:

Here are some soldiers showing off their musketry skills. I can't believe they wore those hot uniforms all the time! Surely they stripped down in the summer!

And here, like the soldier, we're all covering our ears as the cannon fires!

Adding to the activities, the weather was not too hot and we had a most enjoyable day!


  1. So happy that the day was not too hot. I love the outfits but they look so hot.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. That's the sort of thing that would fascinate me!


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