Saturday, September 3, 2016


While enjoying the island, many tourists run across our Tree Spirits carved into the great oaks.  No, the trees aren't harmed. He carves on places where the bark has already come off, either struck by lightning or dangerous/diseased  limbs chopped off. The sculptor, Keith Jennings, is from North Carolina and has a FaceBook page:

While walking the other morning, my guy came upon him carving a new Spirit at Mallery Park.

It took several days to finish but it looks neat!

And here is a mermaid near the visitors' center. I bet this one took several weeks to finish!

The Tree Spirits are pleasant surprises for walkers and bicyclists. We haven't seen all of them but there are more to be found!


  1. This is so cool but I hope it does not hurt the tree.
    When I lived in Laguna Beach we had a "wonderful" tree lady who would nail red hearts on all the tree down Laguna canyon road. She drove me crazy she was killing the trees yet every one loved her ! Ack !
    His carving are wonderful.

    cheers, parsnip and thehamish


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