Saturday, October 22, 2016


Once again, our beach has undergone a total repositioning of its sand. As we come out past the dunes, we look southward and see a tidal pool. The ocean is on the left.

When we go north, there is stretches more of sand. There used to be a long and then a short sandbar out in the water not far from shore. The shore has now effectively sucked up the sandbar, making the beach twice as wide or more. Then we get to the amazing part.

Once a wide river flowed between the sandbar and upper beach. Now, as we stand on the new part of the beach, we can see it has become more of a narrow creek, flowing down to what has turned into a tidal pool. You can still see the rip rap (big rocks) on the edge that kept the sea from washing the sands away.

And this pier once jutted out into the river. A river that was way too broad to cross except by swimming and currents made that dangerous.

The houses seen behind the pier are glad of the beach changes, I suppose. For years, they were in danger of being washed away by the ocean. Now it's way out in front of them!


  1. Living near the beach some storm really were destructive and washed away sand and left rocks ! It was always amazing. But the sand came back !
    Wonderful photos.

    cheers, parsnip

    1. Our sand keeps shifting with each storm! There are streets that were on the county maps years ago that are underwater now!


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