Saturday, April 16, 2016


Last weekend, the small town up from us held their annual "Blessing of the Fleet" festival. The blessing itself took place on Sunday, but we went up Saturday when it wasn't so crowded.

The street was blocked off, and there were maybe a hundred or so booths winding around beneath the huge oaks. Here is the section going in:

And this is the end with the food!  There were Phillipine and Thai cuisines, as well as tacoes, alligator bites, chicken fingers, and other offerings. We chose fried local shrimp (fresh and scrumptious!) with fries and a funnel cake from the sweets booth.

I heard the man at this booth playing and went over to see, thinking he was touting his homemade dulcimers or zithers. But no! It was a string instrument with a neck in a bean can! No kidding! He was playing tunes out of a can! If you look closely at the middle right, you can see several instruments standing upright, cans at the bottom.

It was a good deal, too. The instrument and a booklet of music for twenty dollars. Perfect for a beginning guitar player!

On the way home, a bicycle rental shop in town sported a sign I adored. The Pedaling Pig! Doesn't he look carefree and happy?

All in all, a fun day!


  1. Sounds like you had fun. The Pedaling Pig is quite a sight!

    1. He looks like a cheeky little fellow, doesn't he?

  2. I love funnel cakes...and the Pedaling Pig!

    1. I love funnel cakes, too. Unfortunately. If I had them around all the time, I'd resemble that pedaling pig!

  3. I love pigs and that Pedaling Pig sign is wonderful. This is another of the great fairs your have written about, just so much fun.

    cheers, parsnip


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