Saturday, April 2, 2016


I thought I'd love my Apple iPhone and for a while I did.

Then, for some reason, every time I wanted to do anything different, including buy an app or book, it wanted my password even though my fingerprint was in use and letting me in! But it wouldn't take my password. It kept telling me my password was wrong. I'd finally have to send for help and get the link and go to it and change my password.

All that just to buy a stupid book! We went through this so much I could hardly remember what my password was.

With many misgivings, I later bought an iPad. For a while, all was well and good. The fingrprint technology worked on it, too.

But now, after an upgrade, they've come up with some new form of torture: If I have signed in on a new device, Apple requires me to put in my Apple password and then a code they kindly text to me. Even though my fingerprint should let them know I'm the right person!

Did I really need this? Did I ask for this? Who is the moron behind all this security stuff?

Okay, I want my stuff to be secure. But going through this hassle is almost not worth it. And at the grocery store, people give me dirty looks while I try to use my Apple pay. Because it demands a password everytime I use it and then it tells me my password is wrong!

It's fine to push security, but hey! I'm not the one my stuff needs to be secure from!

Here, Apple! Take this!


  1. I will never buy Apple products. Too much trouble. My Android phones and Kindles do all I want or need them to do, and aren't nearly as expensive or troublesome.

  2. It makes you want to strangle the person who thinks these are great ideas.

  3. I refuse to buy an apple phone. Every friend that has one hates them but refuses to change. Then every year they come out with a new one. Also not a Steve Jobs fan or the new whatever his name is.
    Now I know why apple would not help the Police... they couldn't get into the phone themselfs.
    I have a Android and never had any problem.

    cheers, parsnip


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