Saturday, February 6, 2016


In the Village, there is a right whale statue of a mother with her baby on her back. Placed by the children's playground, it rises up out of the ground like a whale rising up out of water. The kids love it. I've often posted pictures on this blog showing them climbing it or sitting atop it.

We walked by it the other day and my mouth dropped. It had been all gussied up. Its eyes sparkled bright blue, its barnacles stood whitely out, and the concrete body had a new coat of gray paint.

But what first caught my attention? The sand that normally surrounded the base had been overlaid with blue chips of recycled rubber. That made the whale look like it was rising from a pool of blue water!

Artificially dyed blue water, true. But still... The kids will love it! I think it looks pretty spiffy, myself.


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    1. We're pretty proud of ours! When they renovated the park, they wanted to move it. There were so many protests, they left it where it was!


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