Saturday, February 13, 2016


Just a couple of things I found interesting last week.

In the local paper, a woman got arrested. Seems her daughter got into a fight with another girl at school and the woman went and got her daughter from school. Instead of going home, they waited outside the school for the other girl's mother to come out. Then the woman attacked the other mother.

Some role model, huh? And we wonder why the kids are like they are!

Besides the usual women/men fighting women/men items, the crime blotter reported the theft of a carton of beer. A man had it in the back of his pickup and it fell out. Before he cuold get out to recover it, someone swooped in, picked it up, and ran off.The driver didn't have a description of any suspects, the beer was never recovered, and no one was arrested.

Just fell out, eh? All by itself?  I'm wondering if he drank the beer and didn't want to admit it to his wife!

Then, as we were going up I-75 to north Georgia, traffic stopped about a mile from the High Falls exit. I mean, stopped! After a few minutes this GBI truck (made like a Brinks truck or SWAT team vehicle) came roaring up the middle of the interstate, siren blasting, and kept going. We began to inch along until, after nearly an hour, we made it to the exit and got off.

The holdup? Turns out they'd caught a mobile meth lab. Seems the driver fell asleep and ran the car off the road. So the HazMat people were out in force, doing whatever they do for several hours. Both people in the car were taken into custody.

So the driver fell asleep? While running a meth lab on Interstate 75? I would have thought he would have plenty of worries--and drugs--to keep him awake! And why I-75? Why not a barely-traveled road in the country somewhere? And a car? Couldn't he at least afford a van? He and his partner could have taken turns napping!

People are just plain crazy, aren't they?


  1. Momma Crankypants really is a bad example, isn't she?

  2. I always look forward to these posts!

    1. I think everyone who takes the paper looks forward to them!

  3. I really enjoy these posts and your funny comments.
    It reminds me of the local paper in Laguna Beach. Same kind of weird and strange crimes.

    cheers, parsnip

    1. Don't you love newspapers that report the nitty gritty stuff?


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