Saturday, November 7, 2015


At the Stewbilee a couple of weekends ago, we had a classic car show. There seemed to be more pickups than usual. Here are a few:

And there were some outstanding cars. Like this pink Cobra, which the sign says is a memorial car:

And this 1967 BMW. According to the sign, there are only about a hundred fifty of them in the US!

And I loved this station wagon. Wonder if the surfboard on top comes with it?

This picture doesn't fit in with the classic cars but I thought I'd put it in. As we were leaving Stewbilee, railroad tracks cut us off from the parking area. Guess what we heard approaching? Yep. A train. We had to stand and wait while the train stopped and the engineer got out and switched tracks. Took about fifteen minutes before we could get across to town and our car.

But the day was well worth the inconvenience at the end though!


  1. My dad loved classic cars. He used to collect models of them.

  2. Beautiful !
    Son owned a Studebaker Golden Hawk. Beautiful but not the best car for everyday use. Needed engine work off and on.
    But I miss that car.

    cheers, parsnip

    1. That's the only thing about old cars, even classic ones! They always need work!

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