Saturday, November 28, 2015


Tuesday night, relatives came down for Thanksgiving. Wednesday the toilet refused to drain. We called our great plumber who showed up about lunchtime.

The outside pipe is overgrown with tree roots. He freed the stoppage but said it would probably need a bigger auger and to call him this weekend if it happened again.

We took showers, washed dishes, flushed, and checked the sewer pipe gauge. The water seemed to be going down a little at a time so as long as we stretched things out, it was working.

Thursday morning, we got up and no, the gauge was still too full. We hated to call Mr. Baker on Thanksgiving so we didn't shower, flushed sparingly, collected water from washing dishes by hand in a pan and threw it outside. (I suspected long ago I'd never make it in the good old days when everyone had outside toilets; this collecting used water and taking it out convinced me for sure.)

Friday morning we called Mr. Baker first thing. He came right away with a friend and a larger auger and evidently (I didn't see it) got out a huge wad of tree roots. So the water is flowing again--for the time being. We will still have to have the drain dug up and replaced.

So another tiny disaster to add to last week's list.

Along with the sweet potato souflee that tipped as I set it on the table. Marshmallow topping slid right off along with some of the sweet potato mix. We put more marshmallows on and toasted them though, and it was still delicious.

Once we got the table cleaned up.

Oh, well. The year is coming to a close. Maybe our luck will change.

Hope everybody had a happy Thanksgiving, too.


  1. Goodness !
    I am sure your luck has to change. Plus we all near a Mr. Baker so that is the start of your good luck.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. Cheryl, I think you might have won the prize for Worst Thanksgiving 2015!


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