Saturday, October 24, 2015


Today was our annual Brunswick Stewbilee. We have Brunswick stew samplings from all kinds of different vendors. One little man was working feverishly at his table by himself, handing out samples, but there were no signs to indicate who he worked for. When I asked, he said, "Myself!" Turns out he's running for Clerk of Court next year! His stew was pretty good, but I think he neede better advertising around his table if he wants to get any votes.

There are also other activities: booths selling various things from cupcakes to jewelry, music from several bands during the day, a classic car show, children's activities, and -- my favorite! -- the Pooch Parade. I'll go into the cars next week but today we'll focus on the doggies!

Here are a couple. Not sure what they're supposed to be, but one of them looks like he's in his pajamas.

This sweet mastiff wore a wig and tutu. She won a prize for best big dog costume.

And here we have a clown with her yellow jacket. I thought she would have gotten a prize but was evidently beat out by a little dog with a cat on his back! Wish I could have got a picture of that but I never did see it.

And here we have a beekeeper, though you can't see him very well since he's standing behind his two bumblebees. Keeping them from escaping, no doubt.

You can't see the sweet little puppy very well, but the lady in red holding him is a volunteer. He wore a red bandana with ADOPT ME on it as he frolicked around. Several people were petting him so I hope he finds someone to take him home.

And the young people in yellow standing in front of the band, are members of the Boys and Girls Club. They volunteered to be judges for the Pooch Parade and did a fine job. I have no idea how they picked the winners because there were too many delightful costumes for me to show here. But the kids did finally decide, and then huddled around each winner and petted it and cooed over it.

I couldn't believe all the cutie pies and how well-behaved they were! Not a single fight or even a threatening grrr!


  1. I expect dog treats are in store for some of those pups, being made to dress up!

  2. I love a good stew.

    Bet those dogs weren't too happy....

    1. The stew samples were wonderfull! Not a bad one among them! Bad for my tummy since I couldn't throw any away!

      And the dogs grinned through it all!

  3. Dog show are so fun. You never know what the four legged creatures will do next.


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