Saturday, October 17, 2015


In our mainland town, there is a tree called Lovers Oak. I have no idea why. I'm sure some of the oldtimers could tell me if they would.

According to the plaque, it was alive at the time of the signing of our Constitution in 1787. Other sources put it close to nine hundred years old. I have no idea of the real truth.

This view shows off the trunk.

And here is the entire tree.

Impressive, isn't it?

And wasn't is the operative word.

A too-big truck went by the other day and tore off a branch. You can see the stub in the next photo. The huge limb, about a foot or more in diameter, hung directly above the Lovers Oak sign.

But the tree is still there, minus one of its appendages. I hope the county arborist will put some tar on the broken place to keep insects and disease out.

I think we ought to become a sanctuary for trees. Then when something like this happens, someone would have to pay a hefty fine. Maybe then they'd be more careful.


  1. What a beautiful old tree with so much history.
    What a jerk to drive where he shouldn't.
    What also concernes me is all the cement around the tree root ball.
    I hope some tree person is keeping an eye on the tree. And yes that break should be fixed right away.

    cheers, parsnip

    1. We supposedly have an arborist on the county payroll but I think he must be someone's relative. We have laws against cutting our trees but evelopers cut trees and are slapped on the wrist, utilities cut trees and are slapped on the wrist and one of our oldest, largest oaks that welcomed everyone to the island was struck by lightning and killed when the idiots put lightning attracting metal around the tree to "keep lightning from striking" it. Ha! A coincidence that it was in the way of a new entrance roundabout they soon after put in!

  2. It's a monster. At the break, the picture looks like it could have been hollow. The guy who tore off the limb should get to pay for the theorist. So sorry. I guess I'm a latent tree hugger.

    1. I think he or his company should be fined an outrageous amount but that doesn't seem to happen here, unfortunately!


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