Tuesday, August 4, 2015


We've had company pretty much for the last month and it's been exciting. Now everyone has gone and it's quiet. Too quiet.

Last night, my guy and I looked at each other after supper. We've gotten used to having people around doing stuff. Like walking down to the Dairy Queen or riding bikes or driving over to the beach or...


We decided we couldn't stand it and walked down to the Village for an ice cream. My guy got vanilla, but I got praline. Then we sat down to watch the ocean and eat.

Our local policeman was there under a canopy holding court.

Lacey is a great guy. He hunts and fishes and loves sports and people. He also keeps everyone in line with good humor. He's perfect to be the Village cop. You can tell him by his brown uniform. Here, he's schmoozing with the tourists.

Then my guy got to talking to Lacey and the tourists while I stood patiently waiting. We barely got home before dark.

The house was still empty and quiet, though. Boo hoo.


  1. If only more cops could be like that!

    1. If only more police lived in towns and city were people acted like they cared.
      While Officer Lacey was able to find the time to talk with locals and tourists the police. Where I live the police just broke a huge theft ring that sends money back to Mexico for the cartels and terrorism.
      Not quite the same.

  2. Lacey sounds like a good guy!

    Praline ice cream? Yum!

  3. I am so envious, walk for ice cream after dinner.
    It was down to 98 after a high of 104 yesterday. You melt two steps out the door. Only a dream where I live.

    cheers, parsnip

    1. Ooh, thank goodness it isn't that hot here! It was down to about 85 when we walked!


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