Sunday, May 3, 2015


I ate a bowl of cereal last week and bit down on something hard. I thought it was a small rock so I got it out and inspected it.

A tooth. Or part of one. About half of a molar that had been held together by fillings had broken off.

I was pretty sure I'd need a crown. The dentist saw me right away and verified it. Unfortunately, the tooth had broken off below the gum line so it seems an ordinary crown procedure won't do. No, I have to have something called 'crown lengthening' before I can have the tooth capped.

More expensive than a regular crown, he said sympathetically. But less expensive than a bridge or an implant. And the root wasn't exposed, he said encouragingly.

He needed a longer appointment time to do the pre-dental work for the crown lengthening, which is done by a periodontist or oral surgeon. So I'm going back in a few days for that. Then to the periodontist. Then back for the crown.

In the meanwhile, I keep tonguing half a tooth and wondering if it's going to break off. It's hard to remember to eat on the other side.

Maybe I can lose some weight.


  1. I just had something similar happen to me. But I had ripped my gums and hit a nerve ? They had to cut the old bridge apart and glory be no root canal !
    So happy.
    Hope this all goes smoothly for you.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. I'm in the same boat, Cheryl. I've broken two in the past year and a third last Friday.


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