Saturday, May 23, 2015


My cat is old. Her brother passed away a few months back and it's taken her a while to adjust. He was about twenty and she, at seventeen, never knew our home without him. She was deeply disturbed and has been going downhill, her physical problems including barely eating.

The vet prescribed some steroid medication. His thinking is that rather than doing a lot of tests and exploratory surgery to see what's going on, let's just make her comfortable in her old age. I agree.

So she took the medicine for about a week and really perked up. Her yowling when using the bathroom stopped, her appetite picked up, she stopped throwing up, she seemed livelier and generally looked like she felt much better. A few days after getting off the medicine, the old symptoms started coming back.

I finally called the vet again and told him. He asked if she was still on the medicine.

"No, it only lasted about a week and there were no refills."

"I could have sworn I had her on it longer than a week. I should have given you refills. Well, let's try it again. This time, I'll give refills. She needs to be on it continuously for one or two months."

That same day, the drugstore filling the new prescription called. "I was filling this and I looked at your old prescription and thought the dose seemed high so I checked out the backup info. I'm so sorry. We had a new pharmacist in and..."

The new pharmacist thought the dose was one and a half teaspoons and that's what he put on the label. Poor Cat should have been getting one and a half milliliters so she was taking, like five or six times the correct dose!

No wonder she was feeling so good!

Here's our beautiful girl!


  1. I hope she makes a full recovery. Grief is as difficult for them as it is for us.

    1. Now that she's on the right dosage, she seems to be doing better!

  2. The poor girl. She's having a rough time of it.

    1. Yep. But her appetite is picking up and she acts like she feels better so...


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