Saturday, April 25, 2015


Horrifying news: my favorite department store is putting itself up for sale.

Belk, with nearly three hundred stores across the south, has been my favorite place to shop since childhood. Started in 1888, Belk is a southern institution. And why not? It has good prices, nice merchandise, and pleasant salespeople. Alas, now it may be going the way of Davison and Rich's in Atlanta: gobbled up by a chain and never more heard from. Macy's has been mentioned as one potential buyer, but 'experts' think they'll pass.

It's a shame, since Belk is one of the few family-owned stores left. Oh, there's still WalMart, but that isn't exactly known for its customer service and well-kept stores. Good values, yes, but the quality isn't that great. It isn't a place to go when you need a special dress for a special occasion or a plush mattress pad for that new bed. Not like Belk's.

And Belk is always having sales! Sometimes as much as eighty percent off. If you don't need towels or shorts or pajamas a toaster or an emerald ring right away, wait. Whatever you want will soon be on sale and you can snap it up then. A woman the other day bragged about getting a hundred dollar outfit for under ten.

Oh, Belk! Don't do it! Don't sell yourself! A few paltry dollars for each family member isn't worth the heartbreak you'll cause millions of loyal customers!

Belk ad talking about locations, number of employees, etc.


  1. Not being a Southerner, this is the first I've heard of the place.

    1. I'm sure you have your own favorite stores up there!

  2. I have heard about Belk because of Project Runway.
    Very sad news.
    The thing is if people don't shop there and only wait for sales no wonder why they are going out of business.
    Macy's is not as nice as it once back 40 years ago. Everyone is in a walmart state of mind. Cheap cheap cheap.
    I once walked into walmart and had a massive attack. What ever bug spray they use on the clothes from China, fills the air with toxic fumes. I had to rush out. Never stepped in one again.
    Hope this gets resolved.

    cheers, parsnip

    1. I'm sure Belk will be gone like various other family-owned businesses. What's so sad is that the companies that buy them generally don't last.

  3. I hate it when my favorite places close!

    1. I do, too! I think it's the same principle as a bra. Find one you like and they immediately stop making it!


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