Saturday, April 4, 2015


Oh, our local paper does have such interesting tidbits! In the last few weeks:

A car veered off the road and hit a sewer lift station, causing about five thousand dollars worth of damage. It left the scene but officers tracked it down. The owner said he'd loaned it to a woman. Hmm, likely story. Wonder if there was a problem with back-up in people's houses afterward?

Another car struck a parked car, then entered a car wash and struck the guidelines of a power pole. The driver ran off but police found the car owner. He said he loans it to the man involved in the accident on a regular basis -- in exchange for crack cocaine. Don't think I'd have told that!

Then a couple kept calling 911, using different names and giving different locations. When police traced down the house, the man said the woman wasn't there. Police found her hiding in a closet. The item said both appeared intoxicated. You think?

And this weird one: a man cut his hand on some glass and started spreading his blood on the walls and windows of a local business. Wonder if he broke the glass trying to rob the place?

Finally, someone broke into a man's apartment and stole a Templar sword and shield along with an art deco bronze statue, for a total worth of about three thousand dollars. Won't it be hard to fence something like that?

Just the usual interesting crime items. Our part of the country is never dull!


  1. Some of this stuff would be perfect for World's Dumbest Criminals!

  2. World's dumbest criminals certainly qualify here!

  3. I always read the local crime blotter when I lived in Laguna Beach.
    Once you got pass all the drug related stuff there was really funny stuff.

    cheers, parsnip


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