Monday, April 13, 2015


Last week was busy. Relatives came to visit Monday and stayed till Friday. Then we had to travel up to North Georgia for another relative's wedding Saturday which meant a six hour drive.

Sweet Meadow Farm, in Tallapoosa, caters to weddings and is a beautiful place for nuptials. It was outside...luckily it didn't rain...and had sweeping lawns, fenced pastures, and a meadow across the pond where benches were set up under a tree for the ceremony.

Here's a view of the farmhouse up above  as we headed toward the pond.

Turning around, you can see the pond below. If you have good eyes, start at the top's middle and look down about a fourth of the picture. Those little white specks between the trees are the benches for the ceremony. We walked down and across a little bridge to get to them.

Here's part of the crowd sitting on those benches, waiting for the ceremony to begin. You can see the farmhouse in the background by the tree, and to the right behind another small tree is the stable where the reception was held.

Coming back over the bridge and up to the stable, this is the side we saw in the photo above.

And here is the other side, where tables were set up and a dance floor was laid out. By this time it was dusk. A bar and hors d'oeuvre tables were placed inside, as later were the cakes. There was also a photo 'booth' so guests could paste pix into a book and sign for the happy couple to enjoy later.

These next two photos of the tables were taken earlier in the day as we headed down to the meadow beyond the pond for the ceremony.

And this one was taken after dinner, waiting for the toasts to begin.

We left after the toasts and cake cutting. Evidently we missed out on some really good dancing and other revelries but alas, we were exhausted from our six hour drive that morning.
If you're planning a wedding anywhere around Tallapoosa GA, this is a wonderful setting. Everything from the catering (great food) to the golf carts taking us to our cars went smoothly. The people were friendly and helpful. And the views were spectacular.

Here's their website: in case you want to find out more.

And no, I don't know them and don't get a commission from referrals!


  1. What a wonderful setting for a wedding!

  2. Very lovely setting for the wedding.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. I miss living on a farm...surrounded by animals...serene, peaceful....

    1. This farm had some cows but I don't think it was a real working farm. The owner has been in the wedding business for like ten years and last year went into business for herself, using her own home for the events. It was very peaceful and serene!


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