Monday, October 27, 2014


And these are the last few pix from the Brunswick Stewbilee we enjoyed a week ago! We got there early so most of these were taken before the crowds came in.

This one shows the end of the booths set up. The others turn back around to the left but you can't see them here. The river is behind, as you can see from the ship masts in the background.

These are the necessaries for the crowd. There was a cropdusting plane going back and forth over them. I was trying to take its picture but naturally missed it.

This is a long view to the Visitor Center building where the bands played. To the right is the pavilion where the stew tasting started. Then tents set set up to house the rest of them but they're out of sight.

And here is another long view showing one of the bands on the right corner: Backstreet Boulevard.

 Another band: Pier Pressure

One more pic of the dogs getting ready for the parade. The white dog has on a green collar to match its owner in the mermaid costume. Not sure about the little dog in pink.

One last look at the event sign!

And that's all I'll blog about this year's Stewbilee! I promise!


  1. I do like the visitor centre. No doubt plenty of dogs were wagging plenty of tails.

    1. They certainly were wagging! I was surprised there wasn't more than a couple of scuffles among them!

  2. Sounds like you had a lot of fun, Cheryl!

  3. Yep! But I still don't want any stew!


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