Saturday, October 18, 2014


Last week was a slow week for crime, it seems. Not much was going on. A couple of things did catch my eye.

When a woman moved out of her boyfriend's house, he and her son got into a fight. After pointing a shotgun at her and threatening others in the house, he fled before police arrived. Later he came back. And poured grease onto her clothes. Hope she doesn't get hold of the shotgun!

In another item, a woman tried to shoplift a leopard print bra and underwear set by sneaking it out in another store's bag. Hey, how could anyone resist that leopard print?

And then an intoxicated man was talking on his cellphone outside a woman's house. He asked if she had a cellphone charger and she told him no. Then he came up and beat on her door while cursing. When he left, she went outside to find her keys missing from where she'd laid them on her porch railing. Don't think I'd have left my keys outside with a drunk stranger running around!

Finally, in another vein, we went over to the 15th annual Stewbilee this morning. There was one booth with games for the kids, other booths selling popcorn and snacks and drinks, one selling cupcakes, one doing henna tattoos, and a ton of portapotties lined up. There was also live music, a classic car show, and my favorite: the Pooch Parade of costumed doggies!

I almost forgot the Brunswick stew samples! It took us about an hour to try each offering. We went through 25-30 tiny sample cups and I don't think I want any more stew for awhile!

I'll have some pix on here in the next few days, but here's a sign from the beanbag toss.


  1. We have a stew cook off thing that goes on here the first day of Winterlude. It's a nice warm up on a cold February day!

    1. I think cooler weather might be better! But it wasn't so hot this year so we made out okay.

  2. I love these crime blotter posts.

    And I love stew...almost as much as I love a good chili cook-off!

    1. I can't believe some of these crime reports. It's the main reason I take the local paper!

      And chili tastings are good, too!


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