Wednesday, April 2, 2014


So my guy gets a new camera lens (no, I don't know what kind; I don't even know why he needed a new lens except that he seems to collect them). He decides to go to the Jacksonville zoo to try it out before we make the long trek to the Alligator Farm down in St. Augustine. Naturally, I go along for the ride.

He wasn't thrilled with the lens but I think he got some great pix.

This is the older jaguar (maybe the mother) taking its bath. Just like my cats!

And here's the cub eyeing something in the water. He was so cute! Just like my cats.

This is one of the latest additions. The Jacksonville zoo now has a tiger exhibit. There are three in all, I believe, but this is the only one showing himself. And boy did he pace back and forth! Just a few feet from all us gawkers! Glad there were a couple of fences between us.

Then we come to the lion and his missus. They were cooling it in the shade but my guy got a good picture anyway.

Not sure what this guy is. Some kind of antelope maybe? Anyway, they'd just put his food out. My guy had to wait for him to stop stuffing his face to get this shot.

And a Komodo dragon that we are all fascinated by, I'm sure. Ugh! Creepy things!

There were a lot more animals -- flamingos, pigs, warthogs, et cetera -- but I wanted to show that deserts aren't the only places cacti grow. This plant is a lot taller than it appears in the photo and it's thriving!


  1. They're terrific shots!

    It looks like this zoo does give the animals room.

    1. The shots courtesy of my guy. The zoo doesn't keep them in cages, but I still regret they can't keep the animals in the wild.


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