Wednesday, April 23, 2014


So my guy goes to the post office to check our box. Inside is a notice that they're holding a package for us because it was too big for the box. He trots to the counter to pick it up.

Only they can't find it. Not a trace. And the person who put the notice in our box isn't there.

So they keep the notice, saying they'll put another in our box when it's found. Now we have no proof of any package at all. It's as if there never was a notice!

Anyway, that was last week. After racking my brain and contacting anyone who might have conceivably sent us a package, I gave up. If the package contained books, someone's now reading them. If it contained candy, someone's now eating it. If it contained detergent samples, someone's now washing clothes with them.

I hope to heaven that whatever someone sent us wasn't perishable. I also hope they--whoever they are--don't get annoyed when they don't get a thank-you note.

The worst part is that I'll never know!


  1. It contained leprechauns. With a limited amount of air.

  2. And they wonder why no one uses the postal service anymore....

    1. Our little post office usually does great work! First time since we've been here we've had a problem. Just wish I knew what was in the package!


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