Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Sunday, we went up the road to a shrimping community for their annual Blessing of the Fleet. We went early, even though the actual blessing didn't occur until mid afternoon. But we figured with the weather warming -- finally -- we'd better go while it was pleasant. We actually got there before it was technically open for business, though a few booths were open. Not the funnelcake one, sadly.

Anyway, while several shrimp boats came out to be blessed, we saw only a few decked out. I think the poor economy and the poor shrimping has put a damper on the festival. With the sun bearing down, we decided to call it a day before the big event. My guy did get a few pix.

These were docked up from the bandstand:

In this one you can see the bandstand behind the back of the boat on the left. This boat actually belongs to the University of Georgia Marine Extension Service and helps in research about fishing methods, bottom mapping, etc. The third one in the rear had its lines all decorated with tinsel. Wish we had a better shot.

Here we have part of the booths that go along with the Blessing festival. The road was blocked off and the tents set up on each side. There were lots more but this was a nice shaded view. As you can see, this was about an hour before official opening time so it wasn't a bit crowded. Just the way I like it.

I'm happy to see all the festivals springing up again. This winter was just too quiet!


  1. Good shots!

    I find it peculiar that a shrimp fleet needs to be blessed!

    1. Hey, they need help finding the shrimp, don't they?


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