Tuesday, April 9, 2013


The crime blotter in the local paper had several reports today.

A woman called police because of a loud argument. She said a woman asked a man for ten dollars. He got mad and started yelling at the woman. A second woman struck out at the first woman with her fists. A second man got into the fray and the first man swung at him. But no arrests were made. Guess the police didn't want to get involved.

In another item, a woman reported she let a male borrow her car in March. He said he'd be right back. Yep, still gone.

A third one had a man verbally abusing officers directing traffic. They took umbrage so he pushed one officer, yelling he had no problem going to jail and that he'd resist. He got his way. Wonder if he's still in jail.

This item reported police responding to calls about a fight. After telling about twenty people to disperse, they saw a woman dragging another woman by the hair toward a car. An officer told the dragger to release the draggee but she wouldn't. So she got Tasered. Three other women were given citations. Guess it was women's day out or something.

And in the final one, a man heard a gunshot and later saw the suspect walking down the street loading a shotgun. Then he fired and screamed threats. He got arrested. I should hope so!

What are these people thinking????

And to end on a rather sad note, here's my little girl-cat who's the tennis aficionado. The tennis players who were out all last week have gone home since spring break is over, and she's left to droop in the window with nothing to watch.

Poor baby. Little does she know there will soon be no more tennis courts outside her perch.


  1. Poor kitty!

    I often think of those sort of people who turn up in police blotters for relatively minor stuff that nonetheless adds up... what sad lives they must have.

    1. I can't get over some of the reasons these people call police! In about a third of the cases, no arrests are made. And I think it's because it's usually squabble between people that should be settled without calling the cops!

      Like the woman who came home to find a bottle of vodka missing but nothing else!


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