Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Again I am home while my guy works at the new house. He's been upbeat for weeks now, getting everything done. And buying man toys like garden hoses, lawn mowers, and chain saws.

He's pitched right in with the painters, painting shelves and other things that don't require expertise. He's been cutting back shrubbery and watering the row of amaryllis in the front.  He and the painters helped lift the new water heater into the attic. Thank goodness, he didn't get on the roof with the roofers. At least I don't think he did.

Anyway, he's been participating or overseeing everything that's been done so far. Right now, he's there watching the floor guy lay the flooring.

He's having such a great time. Too bad it can't go on for a few more months.


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    1. And I fear there are more to come. Sigh. He is beside himself, knowing home ownership gives him carte blanche to moon over all kinds of tools and machines.


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