Saturday, March 9, 2013


This house buying is the pits. I keep having weird dreams about it.

Last night, the dream is about closing. We and our real estate agent are sitting around a table with some more people (never did figure out who they were nor were they actual people I know) and looking at the paperwork.

I pick up a pen to sign, then see the address and stop, horrified. "We're buying the wrong house!"

Our real estate agent pats my hand. "Now, now, everything's being taken care of. I have it all in hand."

"No! We're buying the wrong house! We can't sign this!"

My guy chirps, "No worries. We'll deal with it later."

"It's the wrong house, I tell you!"

"Just sign the paper!" my guy snaps. "If you don't, it'll be a year before we can close!"

This morning I wake up, mad with him and worried about the closing. Do I subconsciously not want to close? Do I wish we were still looking at houses? Do I resent my guy for insisting on getting us out of my neat little condo?

This is worse than buying our first house!


  1. Dreams are, of course... so far beyond understandable. This qualifies.

  2. House purchase is one of the most stressful things we do in our lifetimes. No wonder you're having stress dreams. Since a condo has less overall responsibility, maybe you see a house as overly stressful for maintenance, etc. Personally, I love to be able to do whatever I want to MY property, and a condo restricts an owner so much. And just think, you'll have some real dirt instead of a hallway. Not to mention a very much more valuable property for when the market comes back. I think Mr. Guy has a good grip on what will happen at the closing. Do you have any xanax?

    1. I think I'm ready for a house. I'm tired of not having some good old charcoaled hamburbers!

      But the condo is certainly lot easier re maintenance and cleaning and all that!

      I think I'm just ready for it to close and be done with it.


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