Saturday, March 2, 2013


And Barb Wilson is the winner of these lovely earrings! I have a pair very like these and love them!

I feel strange when people I know win, but then I look back over the people who comment and realize I know them all from other online groups. Except for the strange spam poster who didn't mention earrings anyway.

So congratulations, Barb! Email me your address at or through FaceBook and I'll get them shipped to you.

This will be the last earring giveaway for a while. We are, after finally selling our last house, in the process of getting into the homeowner business again. Yeah, grass cutting, cleaning gutters, moving furniture around, hanging curtains, arguing over what color to paint, and all that good stuff.

I kind of regret leaving my cozy condo but my guy wants the charcoal grill we can't have here. And I admit, those charcoal hamburgers are unbeatable.

The cats don't know about the coming move. They aren't going to like it because there is no screened porch, not even a sliding door, to look outside from. Plus there are two big dogs next door. I'm hoping they won't sulk. Or throw up hairballs from disgust.


  1. You know, Cheryl, it would be funny if one of those idiot spammers were to win....

    1. Bite your tongue! Er, slap your fingers! Then I'd have to worry about getting them shipped to who knows where! Canada's red tape is bad enough!

  2. Congratulations to Barb!

    The cats won't like the move at all!

    1. Barb has received them and says she loves them!

      And I'm not sure about the cats. They'll have more room to scurry around in. After the trauma of being transported, they might like the new situation very much!


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