Saturday, December 15, 2012


Made it up to this side of Atlanta for my aunt's funeral and back. Listened to Christmas music all the way up so it wasn't till we got there that we heard about the shootings in Connecticut. It's still hard to take in, how one person can deliberately do so much damage to others' lives.

The trip up and back was long and fast, but we got to visit with family, some of whom we hadn't seen in years. The sad occasion let us reconnect so seems the old saying is true: everything does happen for a reason.

Our cats don't sulk, fortunately. They were happy to see us back and showed it.

Evidently they thought we'd abandoned them. Not sure how they managed it, but halfway up the interstate, our babysitter called, wanting to know if she'd forgotten she was supposed to take care of the cats. No, I told her, we were going up and coming right back so they'd be fine. She had the flu and sounded like it, but she was determined to check on the babies if she needed to. I assured her they were fine and told her to go back to bed. Not many babysitters are so conscientious!

But now I'm wondering how the cats got word to her of their supposed abandonment. I don't think they know how to  punch buttons on the phone. Although we do have the babysitter's number on fast dial...

The girl cat, jumping up from her nap to greet us on our return.

The boy cat, rushing to his food dish on our return.


  1. They can manage on their own for a few days, of course, but they'll be pleased when their staff returns regardless.

    My parents have friends who, on 9/11, were on a road trip. They didn't listen to the radio all day, and so while the rest of the world was watching that happening, they were oblivious to it until they stopped for the day.

    1. It's hard to keep up with news when you're traveling! And the cats made it just fine.

  2. Cheryl, your cats are adorable!

    We were out on Friday when the news of Sandy Hook broke. I turned on the TV when we got back and every local station and some cable stations was on the story.

    1. Thanks, Norma! They're pretty spoiled.

      Yes, when we heard we were pretty shocked.


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