Tuesday, December 11, 2012


A week or so ago, we had to go up to Athens and then across the state nearly to the Alabama line. We went  by several imposing courthouses, but I didn't think to take photos till we were on our way home. These are the kind of courthouses that made up the north Georgia setting for my light mystery TAXED TO THE MAX coming out later this month.

It's about a tax commissioner's office in an old courthouse. The tax commissioner is murdered, and  county officials want to appoint a young clerk to his job. She knows darned well she doesn't want the thankless, headachy position. Then her ex-fiancee, who jilted her in front of two hundred people--most of them local!--tells her not to take it.

Naturally she becomes tax commissioner. But the murderer is still on the loose so she gets twenty-four/seven protection while she's trying to figure out what she's supposed to be doing. The tag customers are ill-tempered, the property taxpayers aren't much better, and her sour co-worker isn't speaking to her.

Of course, none of that will matter if the murderer catches up to her.

Anyway, here are the courthouse pix I took.

This is the courthouse of Pike County, Georgia.

And this is the courthouse of Monroe County, Georgia.

Pretty, aren't they? A lot of Georgia's courthouses have burned or been destroyed. It's nice to see buildings from another era.


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    1. I love old buildings like these! They're usually a lot prettier than the new architecture going up!

  2. I love your title--but then, it really suits your story!

    1. Thanks, Norma! My critique partner, who passed away this year, was the queen of titles. She thought of it for me.


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