Saturday, July 30, 2011


Okay, another sporting event on TV, another national anthem sung. It sounded, as usual, like a funeral dirge.

I suspect the singers are trying to sound dignified to give the Star Spangled Banner the importance it deserves, but people! There's no need to try to make it sound important. It is important.

Let's remember why it was written. The War of 1812, English ships raking Baltimore, Francis Scott Key watching breathlessly to see if the city would fall? And the elation when morning showed the American flag still flying? Key and his fellow American were happy! Ecstatic!

(Not to mention the tune came from a drinking song popular in England and America. And who in the world ever heard of a doleful drinking song?)

Come on, all you vocalists! Let's liven our national anthem up! We Americans deserve to be uplifted, not depressed. Our country deserves paeans, not laments. What do you say we try some new arrangements?

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