Tuesday, July 26, 2011


We've been cleaning out Granny's house. Everyone knew she was a packrat but getting in all her stuff showed just how big a one she was.

She quilted for most of her life so cloth to make quilts was everywhere. In closets, in drawers, in the cedar chest, under cabinets...everywhere she could stow it, she did.

And books. In her later years she read a lot. There were bags and bags of books, shelves of books, books packed away in closets. This is besides the magazines she kept forever. National Geographic from before Granddad died along with his Field and Streams. Country music magazines of hers that were decades old. Oh, and stacks of cards given her on different occasions.

And the regular stuff. Dishes belonging to several sets from throughout the years, same with pots and pans and silverware. And clothes. Pottery and glasswear from Greece, fiftieth wedding anniversary porcelain, statuettes and doo dads given her by people she loved.

A life with its memories. It's hard to go through it.

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