Sunday, July 17, 2011


I love my Kindle. I got it last Christmas and have downloaded hundreds of books to read already. It's easy to read, better than taking six books on vacation, and very handy when in the middle of the night you find you have nothing to read.

That doesn't mean I'm giving up print books. Especially when I can get a discounted one lower priced than the Kindle version. It happened recently. In Kroger, I saw a best-selling author I like. The book was a couple of years old but I seldom buy books when they first come out. Too expensive. So I checked my Kindle, found the Kindle edition was several dollars more than the remaindered price. Guess which one I bought? Yep, the print book.

My Kindle was out of juice today (my fault; I'd left it on and failed to charge it) so I picked up my 'new' book and started reading. One page read and click! At least I tried to click as if it were a Kindle. I laughed at myself, read a few more pages and once again, click!

Took me a few minutes to get back in the swing of having a 'real' book in my hands. Guess that shows how fast you can get used to an eReader.

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