Saturday, October 28, 2017


Well, two and a half years after losing our cats, we are adopting a new feline. It took awhile to get over our babies' loss. Then, in the process of changing locations and homes, we decided to wait till we got settled. We still aren't settled but we're ready for a pet!

So we started visiting shelters and looking online and searching for the right cat. A female, my guy decreed. One not too young and not too old. One that had passed the energetic kitten stage but one that was alert and interested.

I saw our cat online first, along with several other adult cats. Her little blurb said that she was a short-haired cat, with a soft, sleek coat; that she was a little shy but when she got to know you, she was friendly; and that since she was a black cat, she was afraid no one would adopt her. For some reason people don't like black cats. We aren't superstitious, so on Thursday we decided to visit her.

It seems our new home has a small but very nice animal control shelter.

The building is small but neat, with fenced areas for the dogs to the left.

And they're open nearly every day, which is convenient.

The staff and volunteers are friendly and anxious to let their animals put their best foot forward. When we went inside, we were greeted and directed to the cat room. There, in cages almost to the ceiling, cats slept or looked out or meowed or poked paws out to us. This is just one section. There are cages behind, too, and on the left side of the room is a matching tower. Then, to the rear is another room for small kittens.

A nice lady pointed out several adult cats and complimented some while reluctantly admitting a beautiful white powderpuff cat, 10 years old, could be a little cranky at times. Here are a couple of less grumpy denizens:

There are two Interaction Rooms for visitors to get to know the cats. Today, one of them was in use to showcase the special cats of the week who got to stay in it all day.

We used the second Interaction Room to interview a whitish cat with pastel markings. She was active, wanting to play and making us laugh with her antics. However, she was a little too frisky for us.

Then we took out a black and white cat who reminded me too much of Roz, but my guy, who was crazy about Roz, was interested. I was concerned she might be ill because though laidback, she hardly moved.

Then we took out Naomi, the black cat I'd seen online, who'd been in the shelter for some time. She didn't want to come out at first but when I left my hand in her cage awhile, she sniffed at it and finally consented to be carried to the play room. There, she looked out the window but didn't dart around. She did come over to us after a few minutes, wanting to be petted. Then she looked out the window some more, and asked to be petted some more. She was active but calm. When she started making up to my guy, he decided she was the one.

After we filled out the papers, they told us to come back the next morning with a carrier and the money for her adoption. They would transport her to the vet the next week for spaying, and we could pick her up from there.

We had an appointment Friday so I asked if we could wait till Monday. The lady at the desk said if we wanted her, we'd better be back the next morning. Naomi had been there a long time. What might happen didn't need to be mentioned. The lady volunteered to let us in earlier than normal hours if that would help. It did and we met her there.

We went out and bought a cat carrier, food, litter and the other stuff a family cat must have. So next week, we'll have a new addition to the household.

I'm rather excited as I decide where to put her water and food dishes. My guy has ordered a screen to go in front of the gas logs; we know from experience how cats love to get into fireplaces! I think he may be a little excited, too.


  1. What a wonderful addition to your family!

  2. I wondered when you would be getting a new friend.
    As you know son rescued a sister/brother bonded pair. They were at the shelter for a long time. They are black with peridot eyes. Beautiful. They are a hoot and we love them.
    I still miss Watson and thehamish every day. It has been hard even with Mandibles.
    She is a beautiful lady and I am happy you all found each other. What will you name her ?
    Poor Winston I call him Watson or thehamish all the time.

    cheers, parsnip

    1. Pets are great! I hated going to the shelter and seeing so many in need of loving homes, but I'm glad we were able to rescue at least one.

      My guy said he couldn't live with the name given her by the shelter and as we were calling her "black kitty" we have abbreviated it to BK. Sounds like a Burger King snack but... Like you, I confuse my pets; I've been calling her Roz off and on!


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