Sunday, October 15, 2017


More happy stuff to take our minds off hurricanes, fires, massacres and other bad things happening in our country.

A relative got married last weekend in North Georgia. Not at a resort or event location, but at the place she'd chosen as a child.

For years, her grandparents have looked after an old farmhouse for the absent owners, who allow her grandfather to grow hay and cows on the fields. The bride, helping with chores around the farm from her childhood, always said she wanted to be married there one day.

Last Saturday, that day came. Other than a few occasional raindrops, remnants of Hurricane Nate skirted the hilltop house where a crowd of friends and relatives gathered, while the pleasant autumn afternoon was not too warm and not too cold.

Some pix my guy took beginning with the lovely bride escorted down the farmhouse steps... meet her dashing groom and say vows overlooking fields below:

The wedded couple retreating back into the house:

Inside, gathering for photos:

Outside, playing with some of the children. I believe the two older girls are nieces of the groom while the baby is the niece of the bride: (The baby has two older brothers and their hair is red, too. We are taking bets that any children from the newlyweds will have red hair!)

The horse trailer was cleaned up so we could put purses and coats and camera cases inside. Canned drinks are in the low container on the left while a table holds iced tea, lemonade and water.

The dining tent was set up by the barn. To the right is the corner of a smaller tent where the buffet is spread out. You can't see the cows behind the big tent until...

...this picture from inside:

We left at dusk, before the cake was cut and toasts drunk. The younger crowd intended to party into the night, and we were tired. Many of them stayed in the house with its six or eight bedrooms, but we went to a motel to get some sleep before heading up to Mercier's Apple House early the next morning.

Such a picture-perfect wedding and such nice people make things almost seem normal.



  1. What a beautiful wedding.
    I love the color of the brides dress a blush pink.
    Everything is just so pretty and lovely.

    cheers, parsnip

    1. Everything really was lovely. The bride's dad barbecued a pig and it tasted wonderful! There were jars of honey and apple butter for guest favors and guess who forgot to get theirs?

  2. Replies
    1. It's really an old homeplace. The family uses it occasionally so it's kept furnished. There's even a family cemetery on the property.


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