Saturday, September 30, 2017


I couldn't think of a thing to blog about today. I'm still reeling from all the disasters hitting us lately. The damaging hurricanes hitting Texas and Florida. The deadly earthquake in Mexico.

But Puerto Rico's problems stand out.

The president has been busy campaigning in Alabama and arguing with the NFL and chastising his Health and Human Services guy Price for spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on flights for business as well as personal travel. Obviously, the president has little time for Puerto Rico. Maybe because Puerto Rico speaks Spanish? Or maybe because a Trump golf course in Puerto Rico went bankrupt? Or maybe because he thinks Puerto Rico's a foreign country?

While he dithered, Puerto Rico suffered. I won't show a lot of pix on the misery people there are enduring, but I did steal this photo and caption from the AP (couldn't resist the cat):

In this Tuesday, Sept. 26, 2017 photo, Maribel Valentin Espino sits in her hurricane-destroyed home in Montebello, Puerto Rico. Espino and her husband say they have not seen anyone from the Puerto Rican government, much less the Federal Emergency Management Agency, since the storm tore up the island. (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)

Things aren't much better today but I believe a nudge from Hillary Clinton steered the president in the right direction. He finally sent the hospital ship Comfort there and put in a three star general to oversee operations and waived temporarily the Jones Act that kept any but US ships from transporting goods to the little island. (A lot of US shippers stood to lose money; the fact that the devastated Puerto Rico would pay twice as much to get supplies didn't bother the shippers. Or the president either, evidently.)

If you want to donate to relief efforts, here is a page from the NY Times that lists charities and rates them. The first four seem to be the best buy for your buck.

Also, the Salvation Army is an old dependable, with a large percentage of its donations going to the intended recipients. Not only are they helping Puerto Rico, they are also there for the other islands hard hit by Maria.

And there is always the Red CrossIt's not one of my favorite charities, but it's been around a long time. Be sure to choose "Hurricane Maria" to direct your donation.

Let's all be thankful for what we have.


  1. The "president" sees American citizens suffering through a disaster, and true to form, the thin skinned bastard makes it all about himself. God, that man disgusts me.

    1. Hard to believe so many Americans were taken in by him.

  2. We have a Fake President, a Pseudo-President, a Faux President. What we need is a Real President, one who does what he's supposed to do instead of acting like he's on a reality TV show.

  3. I do not have any words for the pompous ass we have as a President. He is a clone of my x.
    But in all of this mess what I do not understand is why was the Army, Navy and Airforce called and sent down.
    I was watching some General on MSMBC ? he would have sent in the right troops to install the runways, radar, roads to get help out. Fix and get things moving.
    But what I do not understand is Puerto Rico knew it is in the storm's path. Where is the infrastructure ? If you know the cell phone will be out set up some sort of wallkie talkie hot line to get the news out ? Bring you army/police to several regional help centers before the storm hits ? Why the heck was he not ready in some basic way ? You need truck driver tell them before to come and drive.
    Of course if our president would get off his phone, forget the NFL and work on help.
    When I lived in California, I had food and water stored for my family to live on for a week. Earthquakes, mudslides and of course wildfires. Be as ready as you can. The Governor and Mayor have a lot to be dragged of the coals for but their stupidity will be overshadowed by stupid Trump.
    This makes me so mad.

    I knew the second I saw the photo why you posted it. The kattie is lovely.

    cheers, parsnip

    1. Yep. Seems like this president was sent to us as punishment for some sin we didn't even know we committed. It's a shame innocent people are suffering because of him.


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