Saturday, September 23, 2017


We had a Books a Million store on the mainland when we lived on our barrier island. Here, we have a Barnes and Noble. We went in this week for the first time. People were browsing around and drinking coffee and reading.  With my eye problems, I don't visit book stores much; I'd forgotten how much I loved them. A few pix:

Cafe at the back, looking through the books:

Entrance, looking through the books:

And a lot of lures for kids:

I spent too much time in this last section!


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    1. A nice book store with lots of books and a coffee shop!

  2. I used to love to go to Borders. After it closed here in Tucson, I never went to the Barnes and Noble.
    I enjoy bookstores but It is such a big deal to load the walker then get it out, walk to the store. Plus it has been so hot here that I have been very housebound. To hot to even think of stepping outside
    I spend lots of time in the children's book section also.

    Have your eyes been feeling any better ? Gosh I hope so.
    cheers, parsnip

    1. I'm sure it is hard to get out with your walker, and to tell the truth, if I need a book, I like Kindle. I can adjust the font so I can see. And my eyes are kind of hanging in there, thank you for asking!

  3. I can't remember the last time I was in a bookstore....

    1. I go a couple of times a year, mostly with young relatives. I enjoy the atmosphere, even if Kindle is my book of choice nowadays!


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